Oriented Strand Board

OSBs are efficiently manufactured with wood derived from smaller logs and fast growing tree species. OSBs are designed to perform in a variety of applications such as in construction, furniture and DIY products. Malaysian OSBs are the first in the world to be manufactured using tropical hardwood, hence, ensuring even better strength and durability.

Panel sizes

·Can be manufactured to over 16 feet.


·Ranges from 9mm to 36mm in 3-5 layers.


·Low-emitting p-MDI formaldehyde resin which is safe for the environment.

·Resistance to water and moisture.


·Malaysian OSBs meet the stringent regulations for use as those required by European and Japanese standards such as ISO, JAS, BS and EN.

1.Popular Malaysian timber species used in production of wood-based panels


·Dark Red Meranti

·Kembang Semangkok






·Yellow Meranti