Particleboard which is also commonly known asChipboard, is an engineered wood product similar to MDF but is manufactured from wood chips, sawmill shavings/off cuts, and sawdust without the need for a Defibrator. Unlike MDF, Particleboard is made from three layers (a fine top and bottom layer and a coarser core layer). The wood particles are then combined with a resin and other additives, which are then compressed under high temperatures and pressures to form the Chipboard wood panel.Particleboard doesn’t have the same homogeneity as MDF so cannot be shaped and profiled as MDF but it is cheaper. This makes it an ideal raw material for the mass production of panel based furniture. Like MDF particleboard can be made more attractive by laminating with wood veneers or synthetic overlays such as melamine and PVC.

Particleboards are available as raw boards or are surface-laminated and post-formed with materials such as melamine, PVC and High Pressure Laminates.

Panel sizes

Common sizes available:

·1220mm x 1830mm (4’ x 6’)

·1220mm x 2440mm (4’ x 8’)

·1830mm x 2440mm (6’ x 8’)


·6 to 36mm


·Urea Formaldehyde (UF) and Moisture Resistant (MR) adhesives.

·Boards with low formaldehyde emission in compliance with the European,JIS, EPA and CARB standards.


·ISO, JIS, BS, DIN, EN, EPA, CARB and other in compliance with internationally recognized standards.